Top 10 for 2006



Top-10 Albums ::

  • Hafler Trio, The / Colin Potter / Andrew Liles :: 3 Eggs (Important)
  • Heribert Friedl :: Back_Forward (Nonvisualobjects)
  • Beequeen :: Der Holzweg/13th Anniversary Edition (Tantra)
  • Windy & Carl :: Akimatsuri (Blue Flea)
  • Coil :: Black AntlersThreshold House Edition (Threshold House)
  • Tor Lundvall :: Yule (Strange Fortune)
  • Nurse With Wound :: Rat Tapes One (United Dairies)
  • John Duncan :: Work 1975-2005/Book +CD (Errant Bodies)
  • Asmus Tietchens :: Geboren, um zu Dienen (Die Stadt)
  • Andrew Liles :: The Dying Submariner (Amalgamation, Codicil and Appendix) (Beta-Lactam Ring Records)

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