Acousma Light by Gintas K


It’s been some time since I’ve experienced new work from Gintas K, and Acousma Light is a quirky and strong re-introduction. At times a jumble of electronics, wired, frayed, tumbling like dice – and at others a groovy, almost a cinematic soundtrack for the making of an arcade game. The record is broken into nine distinct ‘episodes’ which makes for a chapter-like listen. This is active listening, that fades and plays with your ears, at times a bit corny fun in its whirring cartoonish-ness as on ‘episode4′ which is one if the recordings’ most distinct tracks. Stay for the full nine minute plus ride and I promise a magical pixieland complete with bouncing balls, mysterious jangling, and crunchy grit holding it all together. He’s quite an arsenal of recordings floating out there on labels like Portugal’s lauded Crónica, the French imprint Baskaru and the German-based but now defunct (!?) Retinascan — however this is his first on his own imprint, Gk Rec. 

Acousma Light is grainy and receding in places that you would least expect and intolerantly vivacious in other respects – but never to the extent where things become unlisten-able, moreso he seems to capture momentary lapses of irritation and live process. This occurrence rears and buries its head on ‘episode6’ creeping in and out of reception until the latter 1/3 of this disc where things play on out jazz sans horns or other typical musical modifiers. What you witness is more akin to a funhouse carnival where the symphonic flare is full of rubberized manipulation and awkward silences. This is until ‘episode8’ and ‘episode9’ finish this off with a refrain of everything you have heard previously here, except remixed and spaced out like a drunken Summer night, the wee hours played live for the unwashed masses. In the end we are treated to a colorful array of toy sounds and faint toots abruptly up-ended.


The Lithuanian composer whose full name is Gintas Kraptavicius has been releasing his unique sound work since the early 00’s and always has something quite modern and obtuse to add to the larger sound scape. It’s great to have him inside my head again, this one is memorable for its unreserved antics and refined subtleties.

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