Walzerzyklus by Atom™ + Lisokot

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.39.01 AM

From the luminous Raster label comes a single-sided, laser-engraved vinyl (edition of 300) in a classy gold foil stamped cardboard slipcase which includes a CD and flyer. Austere from its wrapper, what you get once you press play is eighteen minutes that range from the dusty aesthetics of a sleepy post-waltz to a cheeky look back at the 50’s Americana of Gene Vincent’s Be Bop A Lula, with a Blade Runner-adjacent twist that is the subdued and pixie-like voice of Russian singer Lisokot. Her voice wanders impishly through the mix, in a non-linear witless way devoid of frills but not of personality. Walzerzyklus is one of those recordings that you have to take with a grain of sugar as its saucy sweet and at times quite delicate.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 12.07.16 PM

Atom™ proves that his formula of pingy chords and retracted blurb-phonics still casts a strong and long shadow with a distinct comical, yet dynamic range. There is a harkening back, somewhat, to the pop pretense of his 2013 effort Ich Bin Meine Maschine here, but this is no carbon copy. Clocking in at an exacting, teeny tiny eighteen minutes over seven tracks these are more like pop snippets than the usual elongated minimal techno tracks we’ve heard on the label in its past, before the separation of Raster and Noton. This is the sound of the future: animated and rhetorical as is. The stand-out track is most definitely the slow-churn lullaby that is the concluding Leitmotif III which with its gassy hiss and recessed humming gives it meandering lost-in-the-fog feel. A strong, yet short offering, let’s hope for some extended variations soon…..Available in CD format as well.


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