Frit Fald II by Lars Fiil

Lars Fiil - Frit Fald II Cover

Lars Fiil | Frit Fald II
Fiil Free Records (LP/DL)

Lars Fiil comes back after 3 years after his first album and extensive touring activity and high critical acclaim. There is no change in the formation of the trio, both the drummer Bjørn Heebøll and the saxophonist Lis Kruse return and have created an incredible alchemy of interplay and communication. The risk of repeating themselves is high, not totally avoidable, but faced with a bold and secure attitude that makes Fritt Fald II a perfect continuation, a further explanation and definitely not a copy.

Time has been great for this trio formation that now shows all the signs of its extensive touring activity and a greater experience. Those signs are to be found in the will of including in the album three pieces which were recorded live with a strong textural quality.

Especially on Hvem Er Du which appears twice in both studio and live versions –  where the main difference lays in the way the three musicians are able to dance around each other, to trigger intense listening modes, an interesting and never banal use of the silence and capability to seize the exact perfect moment to intervene. The greater intensity slopes in dynamics and speed, does not renounce to a certain lyrical sensitivity and a certain intimacy. Where the studio recordings function as poems the live ones feel like honest conversations, confessions to a best friend.

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 9.14.23 AM

Lars is very good at creating space for his fellows. The magmatic carpets of sound step from a more prominent stance and into the background, establishing a setting for the other two musicians to interact. Lis’ sound plays with proximity. The saxophone echoes from afar, like the song of a siren only to then come closer. Moving in her mid-high range she often rises to occupy the main role and then becomes a trace of herself, as if it was possible to only be a resonance. Bjørn use of the brushes is mesmerizing, fast and delicate like butterflies, swarming and cutting with surgical precision.

Very interesting is the way in which the trio ventures in the realm of rhythms. Their ability of breaking in and out from stability really generates a sense of free fall that is shown at its best in Alt er Overgang, where the drummer, carefully dosing the fragmentation of his pattern and heading into a whirlwind of pointillistic hits, from halfway on, leads the way into complex speed and sonic dizziness.

A special mention goes to the piece Lars dedicated to his first son: Fredes Første Sang. In the aphoristic nature of this piece they establish a concentrated sound, the whole concept of the entire album.

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