El Origen Del Pensamiento Mágico by Bardo Todol & Devid Ciampalini


Bardo Todol & Devid Ciampalini | El Origen Del Pensamiento Mágico
Ikuisuus (CS/DL)

Architectural musique concrete

Bardo Todol is an experimental music project hailing from Argentina and consisting -as I read- by either Pablo Picco with Nico Picco or Pablo Picco with Atilio Sanchez. Devid Ciampalini (Metzengerstein, Holy Hole) is an Italian musician and experimentalist, working with contact microphones and minimal noises while he is experimenting with the transformation of expression through field recordings of sounds and guttural voices, modified in real time! Inscribed on this sweet piece of analog format, is Bardo Todol collaborating with Devid Ciampalini.

Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing and constructing buildings or any other structures. In the same context but for sound and for the sake of this text, words “constructing” and “structure” are of the utmost interest, while we’ll discuss El Origen Del Pensamiento Mágico, a cassette release by the fine Finnish experimental label, Ikuisuus.


Imagine this single piece -divided into two tracks- an album (43’39” in total), as a structure, with its foundation being the synth and all the other elements being all sorts of electronic sounds, field recordings, processed voices and samples, computers, toys and whatever can be revealed. Musique concrete, experimentalism, in a very delicate atonal beauty, but without excluding brutish sonic bits, all combined and merged in metamorphic flowering, bloomed in all it’s excellence and with upward tentacles. Contradicting sonic imagery and fulfilling aesthetic consummation. An epic, synth-based materialization, chaotic, minimal and playful.   

While in the process of this review, I was told that somehow El Origen Del Pensamiento Mágico relates aesthetically to the film “Dans Le Noir Du Temps” by Jean-Luc Godard, something I never thought and a reference that I fully agree with! In any case, I could not be more joyful, could not be happier while listening to this outcome of deep experimentation and vast musicianship, plus a treat for the eye due to the surreal cover artwork by Sander Ettema.

Godspeed people, this is an edition of 75 copies.                                                                                                                 


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