Nikola Was Right by Pascucci x Pesce


Giuseppe Pascucci & Vito Pesce | Nikola, Was Right!
Plus Timbre (DL)

The duo employs only guitars and effects here, and effectively, the new album Nikola, Was Right! certainly is. Giuseppe Pascucci & Vito Pesce bring the reverb, the separation of timbre, and neutralize your general surroundings with this sparse work that floats in the same futuristic way that its namesake conducted electricity. They noodle on strings, bathed in a florescent glow of echoes and harmonic shimmer.

The six tracks, running under a half hour, at times feel like traveling through an automated jazz lounge circa 2075, now surrounded by a world that is plugged in, insulated and off-Earth. They incorporate glassy vibrations, long buzzing chords and other actions that feel anonymous and dreamy, even with cryptic (and wry) titles like: .3. x .008. = [ I supposed to punk! ] and .4. x .014. = [ No more mountains, please ]. But even if these decodable integers may seem obtuse on the surface, the sounds these two induce into your senses also offer a warm alluvion atmosphere that surrounds and confounds.

The tangle of abstract riffs are more starry-eyed than harsh, offering a reflection of something far more cosmic than the initial experiments hinted at. On .5. x .001. = [ Contatto! Contatto! ] the range of contortions call out with a effervescent tonal variety. I suddenly hear their amplified strings taking wing, flapping from the surface. It’s a vivid half dozen that might be strangely saddled to a silent film, or at least the way it kickstarts reels in your mind.

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