Chants de Mémoire by Bruno Duplant


Bruno Duplant | Chants de Mémoire
Hemisphäreの空虚 (CS/DL)

With one twenty-minute ‘chant’ per side Bruno Duplant combines field recordings, electronics and analog treatments on his latest tape, Chants de Mémoire. This comes from an ongoing series which will also include something upcoming on Archive Officielle Publications. The artist shared with me that some inspiration came from works by Rolf Julius and Giuseppe Ielasi. These may not be your typical chants, unless you are a tree lizard, however, the ethereal resonances are for everyone.

“And when the river dries
Will you bury me in wood
Where the river dries
Will you bury me in stone”

Here on Premier Chant the listener will discover what it may be like living under a leaf, very close to the earth, with an impending storm just at bay in the distance. The balance between a low-range crunching sound, crickets and lulling thunderclaps are just enough to place this recording at the epicenter of its own ecological staging. The only thing that differentiates this from simply in-situ are the finely woven waves of pitch that duck in and out. I’m getting sleepy, I’m getting verrrrry sleepy. And just then the chattering of wild birds shifts the scape. Right then the ranging pitch cries out, just like a lost wolf parting the seas with its stealthy howl.


In his Second Chant Duplant continues from almost exactly where we just left off, making this a bit of an echo, a refrain. Side B is far more based on these quivering tones, almost a meta recycling reverb of the calls from the forest. There’s a much more delicate touch here, and faint bits of improvisational percussion, so minimal and paced slowly, at points its almost like breathing in between the most minute sinewaves that disappear into the quietude.

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