Motor For An Unknown Vehicle (Opening Of The Grave) by Leif Elggren

Leif Elggren | Motor For An Unknown Vehicle (Opening Of The Grave)
Fragment Factory (LP/DL)

“Sound sculpturing”

Motor For An Unknown Vehicle (Opening Of The Grave), is a title that gives a hint about the heart (aka the motor) of a vehicle, unknown – so far – to us. Just from that, I had a great desire to drive or at least, be a passenger on this vehicle. There is the grave too.

Leif Elggren hailing from Sweden, is a composer, visual artist, writer and stage performer, active since the late 70’s. Collaborator with Kent Tankred in Sons Of God and furthermore, a sound sound artist with a back catalog of albums that is quite thick. Elggren handpicks his sound sources and with this material, proceeds with his sonic experiments. Experiments that range from peaceful and mellow electronic sound works to harsh noise discharges and everything in between.

Motor For An Unknown Vehicle (Opening Of The Grave) is Elggren‘s latest installment and the second part of a trilogy; with Das Baank (2016) being the first one. A multi-layered project, with lifespan expanding well beyond the margins of this release. The basic – or the initial – sound source dates from as early as April 1949! An album based on various sounds, initially used or gathered from installations, performances and more. Displayed in this album, are all those pieces merged into a longer and unified composition, currently clocking to 32 minutes. If this project of collecting ventures more, we will be hearing more additions to the pack. Let us hope so.

Elggren is a sound sculptor. Motor For An Unknown Vehicle (Opening Of The Grave) sounds as if heavy streams of metallic particles are gently scraped over large splinters of iron and then crushed onto them; an erotic collision of objects. Compositional monoliths of harsh noise, liberated from any element that would spoil its minimalism. Simultaneously, the work manages to keep a unique musicality and structure, both quite apparent. Steady, self-revolving in a circular trajectory, a spiral path that forms a drone, pushing everything to expand proportionally. There is rhythm in this orgy; a multitude of frequencies co-exists, where middle and higher ones are prioritised, though the lows are not neglected.

This motor is of a spiritual cleansing engine, materialized through patterns of sounds in orgasm. Fine-touched harsh noise, delicate and concrete, where eventually, harshness and noisiness become fluid, and abstract, noisy electronics to be adored. The question about the grave remains.

Black vinyl edition of 300 copies. Comes with a replica of Opening Of The Grave (1978), a drypoint engraving by Leif Elggren, signed, stamped and numbered by the artist.


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