Osaka by Anma

ANMA | Osaka
Syncopathic.Recordings (CS/DL)

“Minimalist big”

Here is another cassette orgasm! Andreas Mangweth, aka ANMA, is a composer, electronic music producer and double bass player, hailing from Austria.

Well this generally drips minimalism. Straightforward minimalism with attached details, many of them, contradicting in various atmospheres. A solid looped base of sound, upon which, everything revolves. IDM elements are traceable too. Electronic augmentation, inflated minute by minute. Add to the mixture all these predominant and gentle piano passages and you will get a glimpse of how Osaka actually sounds: minimalistic but big, in the vain of Alva Noto/Ryuichi Sakamoto.

There is this transcendent feeling of a moving sensation apparent in the album, variations in movement alters the aesthetic altogether. When percussive elements kick in, things have already gone in haste. Premonition in Osaka works wonders, an album created as if something is about to happen and indeed happens! That sweet anxiety of waiting in motion. Osaka evolves in time, but premonition is a steady component of the whole conception. It is the second part in a series, inspired by events that took place in Osaka, Japan, in 2017. Six pieces, clocking to 26 minutes. Released by Andreas Mangweth on his own label, Syncopathic.Recordings as a limited edition cassette, something I urge you to seek out!

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