Hendes Bregneøjne and Forgotten Works by øjeRum

“Fragile, light feathered and naturally dirty with organic matter”

øjeRum | Hendes Bregneøjne
Perfect Aesthetics (CS/DL)

øjeRum is Paw Grabowski, hailing from Denmark. A prolific ambient/experimental musician with -so far- 30 albums and 15 EP’s, mainly on cassette; a sum that is quite an achievement. An artist that focuses on hand cut collage works. With his øjeRum moniker, Grabowski has been releasing tape-based music since 2007. His pieces often include organ, piano and guitar parts. Viewing the vast sea out of my window, I picked up two albums, recent cassette releases and I am submerged peacefully into the realm of øjeRum.

Hendes Bregneøjne was the initial øjeRum narration and my rite of passage into its lair. The connotation of ambient transmuting itself with a -kind of- neoclassical fusion. The contemplation of minimalism is perfect, with a natural looping vehicle being in charge. Cyclic piano themes, revolving and progressive, with abstract sound waves of an unidentified source in the background. Cinematic and fragile, light feathered and naturally dirty with organic matter. Physical, informal, solid and raw beauty. True ambient experiments, completed and revealed. Six pieces, 38 minutes of joy! Edition of 100 copies.

øjeRum |Forgotten Works
Vaknar (2xCS/DL)

Forgotten Works came later to my ears. A compilation more or less, curated by Vaknar. Unreleased pieces handpicked from a vast selection of previously unreleased, perhaps disregarded material from øjeRum archives. Older material, more simple but no less beautiful. Sonic traveling between times of øjeRum’s past that just came to life. From his renowned organ loops to guitar pieces, drone works and more, Forgotten Works features material recorded between 2009 and 2017. Sixteen pieces clocking to 55 minutes. Double cassette, edition of 80 copies, but currently sold out.

An epilogue after some quality fulfilling time with Hendes Bregneøjne and Forgotten Works. The younger and older or newer and earlier, the past and future. In these two pillars scattered in time, lies the bipolarity of these two releases, if listened in a row, something I encourage you to do. Quite a ride, a joyride full of wonderful experimental music in slow motion, masterfully created.  

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