Neurodiversity Fight Back! by Various Artists

Various Artists | Veronica Moser Presents: Neurodiversity Fight Back! Ho.Gravi.Malattie (CS/DL)

“A manifesto of neurodiversity fighting back”

Any release bearing a thought-provoking title catches the attention and my interest automatically kicks in. Veronica Moser Presents: Neurodiversity Fight Back!, is a conceptually charged, researching attempt, where artists were invited to explore the concept with their distinctive musical approach.

Curated by the feminist noise artist Veronica Moser, hailing from Athens, Greece, Neurodiversity Fight Back! marks her entrée into a curatorial venture. Thirteen artists with fourteen tracks converged upon the idea of neurodiversity. A term referring to variations in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions. It is a portmanteau of “neurological” and “diversity”. Neurodiversity emerged as a challenge to the notion that certain neurodevelopmental disorders are inherently pathological. Instead, neurodiversity adopts the social model of disability, which states that societal barriers are the main contributing factor that disables people. Provoking!

Rightfully so, the main ingredient and a solid path to this attempt, is diversity. Artists that came from a vast array of sound disciplines gathered herein. Coexisted, and co-created in a pluralistic, non-excluding experimental platform, as this compilation turned out to be. Ambient from Dora Maar, noise from Glass Earth, Narog and Solar Anus, harsh noise from Mai 12 (yours truly), Veronica Moser and Saturn Drive, dark ambient from Twofaces, Zeitgeist and Paramorphosi, plus a handful of duets with Veronica Moser and other artists appearing in the compilation, namely, Dora Maar, Saturn Drive, Zeitgeist and Paramorphosi. 

A certain thick and penetrating darkness is obvious in every part of this bouquet. An exploration to the sinister, yet lustful side of experimental music, conceptually reeked with images of pain, anger, frustration, extraordinary passion and lust, with neurodiversity as a banner of (self) liberation! In the outskirts of their existential push, personal and experiential music created and various aspects of the concept conquered. Do you remember Lego? How these plastic bricks are attached to each other? In the same perfectness and equality, these pieces are merging towards a common goal, demarking a certain spot.  

Each to its own, this compilation is a sincere dialog of extroverted obscurities -in sound- and their introvert absolution through empowerment and determination; indeed a manifesto of neurodiversity fighting back. It is a pleasure to write these words, it is a pleasure to see a dear friend to move into new paths.

Collectively, a thematic park of wonders, a project I embrace with all my heart.

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