Gnosis by Hüma Utku

Hüma Utku | Gnosis
Karlrecords (LP/DL)

“Pilgrimage chronicles, transmuted into mesmerizing sounds”

Hüma Utku is an electronic composer hailing from Istanbul, Turkey and currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her work involves exploring the possibilities of how sound textures and rhythm can be used to evoke a sense of ancient within abstract electronics. Having released material under the R.A.N. (Roads At Night) moniker, Gnosis is her debut album under her own name.

Gnosis is a word that derives from the Greek and it means knowledge. This may refer to a personal quest in search of truth and comprehension. Utku is a self-defined storyteller and her music is the tool for her storytelling. Gnosis is born in a fruitful dark ambient soil, the ground upon which all its elements unfold and bloom. Serene, mid paced ritualistic sequences, mixed with hypnotic rhythms and eerie electronic incantations, where industrial, techno and ambient meet and replicate. Dark and emerging music, encapsulated with a touch of claustrophobia. Feelings of entering into a secluded space, the sense of the unknown that has to become known, as if waiting endlessly for something to happen and indeed things happen.

Rhythm is fundamental in Gnosis. Vibrating heartbeats of electronic percussion joined by the moving aura of synthesized leads, embraced by field recordings (in Greece, Egypt and Turkey) and traditional instruments from the Middle East. Various samples are infused into the main arteries of sound, instantly transforming the atmosphere. Pulsative becomes ethereal and vice versa. Versatile alterations with a revolving mystery; gnosis has to be gained.

A minute-by-minute apocalyptic album; each piece is autonomous as a book chapter, leading to the next one. Pilgrimage chronicles, transmuted into mesmerizing sounds. By investing devoted time in your listening experience of Gnosis is exceptionally rewarding. An aesthetic transcendence into a deep, meditative state of consciousness and completeness.

Edition of 300 copies on 180g black vinyl.

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