Demora by Luís Fernandes

Luís Fernandes | Demora
Room40 (CD/DL)

This is my first exposure to the work of Portugese sound artist Luís Fernandes. His sound is a dappled, abstract-static ambient with a side of electronica that comes unexpectedly between the frazzled Rising Edge and the flighty Fractured Harmony With Pulse. It’s a fascinating twofer that couldn’t be more opposed but are expertly fused. There’s an introverted atmosphere, as if there’s a reluctance to break out into beats (it never does), but perky tones trip + skip along the way.

The atmosphere is one of pins n’ needles as if the (metaphorical) quick has been exposed and the central nervous system is responding with a calming response mechanism. The pixelated harmony is somewhat ventilated throughout, but it’s showcased through a screen on the title double track(s): Demora Pts. 1 and 2. I cannot help but conjure that sound most jumbo jets emit when grounded, complete modulated by pitch, tone and drone here. It’s a perfect pairing with highs and lows, bright spots and elusive shadows. Though these two tracks are over ten minutes each they easily could stand as one lengthy piece, though part two is far more ataractic and collected.

Fernandes cultivates chords that eventually begin to hover with intensity, like the way in which bright sun breaks through a bank of cloud formations after a raging thunderstorm. Speaking of which – to conclude he adds the short (but sweet) Refracted Cloud which rather dramatically moderates the chill in the air to a hive of sorts. As the album fades my ears remain tingling for a few minutes.

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