Toneshift Transitions

In early 2020 Toneshift marks its 10th Anniversary (2010-2020)! And with this momentus historic occasion, on our small social network of music lovers and fantastic contributors, we are moving into a new generation (quite literally). Our current model will begin its morph into what is already online via the Toneshift on Mixcloud podcast – and slowly grow. We are mirroring nature, just like the very oddly late, slow and staggered monarch butterfly migration through Texas this year, our transition has already begun to take flight in stages. Earlier this year we completed a long cycle of profile interviews with some of the world’s most exciting sound artists and composers. And as we have slowly navigated to a weekly podcast you can expect our daily review cycle will begin to see a slowdown shift at the close of 2019. Though we want to stay interactive with our team, and all those listeners and readers out there in over 120 countries.

After a few thousand reviews this seemed like the perfect opportunity to access our next steps. Beginning in December we will slowly start to review only physical copies of new releases that are on the studio desk, this encourages slow inspection of every aspect of a release, up close and personal. Of course certain limited editions may slip through the cracks, but it will give us more time to be focused. As one of those ardent old school collectors with a serious library (+ not so serious) it makes sense to put primary focus on international music that continues to celebrate everything its made of.

From works built on multimedia a/v, cover design to photography to typography to even subtle things we’ve begun to lose like liner notes. The direct and personal conversation matters. While Toneshift no longer participates in widespread social media, we have made this our cozy spot for contemplation, and your feedback, on each review, and now for each of our past and upcoming podcasts. In 2010 I began Toneshift as a journey through the height of the download boom, and have come to realize, with a world now reliant on streaming, that I still very much care about slowing things down rather than juggling ten things at once. After all, that is where the slogan ‘The Future of Music Today, One Record At A Time‘ originally came from.


So, as we move into Fall and the holidays, we see the seasons of light and change holding the key to our future, pure music that is focused, selective, and in digestible half-hour sessions. All the artists and labels that we currently work with will continue, of course, sending us digital music, which will be sorted and chosen for our Wednesday podcast, and we will continue with our Origins sub-series which highlights works in a deep dive look, mostly along some type of theme or mood. Speaking of the season, I personally think of honoring all these recordings, and sharing them, as a way of re-gifting. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out the eleven shows we’ve produced over the last few months, and you can expect a whole lot more, each time around showcasing the most innovative hybrids in sound we can find. So take the time to Tune Into Toneshift – a simple click + you’re in!

In saying all this, it’s only because I care very much about the quality of your overall listening experience, and to be a bit of a tour guide of what’s out there. Our curated approach to a diverse and sometimes (often) overlooked realm of music (sound or noise) is what drives the online ‘zine daily. I invite you to join our weekly podcast by clicking Follow. Your ears are what give us voice, or at least license to continue what we do, all commercial free. Please know that all of our previous work will remain as an archive on the page amid any current/future change, and we will continue to add bits and pieces as the future envelops us all.


This is really for you, so make it all yours. Of course as we slowly phase out our daily reviews I realize that with digital access to music growing exponentially through fledgling and staple services like: Quboz, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Music Player, or even Apple Music, we still manage to locate works unseen on any of these. OK, we are not a streaming service, though Rome wasn’t built by bots either. We have never geared ourselves towards the overly commercial (with a few notable exceptions). That is what we hope makes us stand out in a populated field, as hunters/gatherers of prime examples concerning difficult/complex sounds and/or experiential music that challenges the senses. Our only promise is to continue to serve your taste/earbuds – and there are many exciting surprises upcoming in 2020!

With A Sense of Hope.
Cheers, TJ

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