Ibis Color Millet by DC33.33

DC33.33 | Ibis Color Millet
pan y rosas (DL)

As if the eurotrack fidgeting in the improved audio isn’t enough, this reviewer is thoroughly confounded by the express association Dave Gabriel (DC33.33) shares with Imelda Marcos.  If this is some kind of quack at the food poisoning fiasco of Marcos’ 90th birthday celebration in the Philippines earlier this year, then Ibis Color Millet carries with it a warped humor paralleled with prodigious noise deconstructions.  At any rate, it stands as an electroacoustic oddity with concepts rooted in the abstractions of things concrete, e.g.: Song for Triangle, Unopened Box of Ice-Cold Rubbers, Pony Scribble, Designer Flapjacket etc.

Thirteen tracks care of pan y rosas discos riddle the album’s twenty nine minutes.  Listeners pay attention!  These exposés rip along in freeform haste.  A couple favorites include the brief rapid-punch World’s Greatest Grandpa’s Greatest Hits (0:59) and Nautical Thread (the longest track on the release at 4:01).  

The titles alone are enough to spark a chuckle and a smirk.  The Chicago sense of humor drives at a certain cultural commentary.  The hokums of adjective pairings to token objects is all but bromide regurgitation.  In Oft-Misattributed Sitcom Catchphrase and txt.xing, a reoccurring theme towards elucidate assertions of language.  Also expressly working with Ombrelli Sciotti to create a dictionaries’ worth of recorded material, Gabriel creates widget-fuelled articulations of his own idiomatic discourse.  

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