The Tremblings of the Atmosphere by Aume

AUME | The Tremblings of the Atmosphere
Silent (DL)

After interviewing AUME about a year ago I got an insider perspective on what they do and how they reach out for their vision. The duo of Scot Jenerik and Aleph Omega have a signature drone that will easily permeate any listening space, leaving a weightless foggy and immersive atmosphere in its wake. On The Tremblings of the Atmosphere they generously incorporate three tracks, each over a half-hour in length, that begin with Hypnagogia, move into Somnium and finish with Hypnopompia. The end result is one of the dreamiest at-home sleep concerts in recent memory.

Indicative of its smoke/fog cover art this layered ambient/drone atmosphere is like a sneaky gas leak, creeping through your private space, invisibly filling the entire chambers with its source. In this light the two offer a friendly revenant to greet your senses. This contracts some on the centerpiece, Somnium, which rolls in like fog but manages to withdraw from full escapism, for a bit of barely cognizant, dispersed melody.

This record, if you have a solid movie-length block of time, is one for the tips of your senses, so you may want to take it lying down in a cozy spot. A touch gloomy, a bit melancholy, all about the nonchalantly changing shimmer of light. A literal sleeper.

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