Orc by Giona Vinti

Giona Vinti | Orc
Elli Records (DL)

Hold on for a vicious ride in these brute four ‘layers’ conjured by Milanese composer Giona Vinti in Orc.  All four tracks consist of arrhythmic chaotic effect layering.  They are numbered simply one through four. This is how I hear it:

Layer 1: With video game like blips interface with fricative static hissings. The horde of phonetic wailing is overtly hysterical.

Layer 2: A subdued beginning and an incidental sharper presence of bit-tronica surrendered to a reverb-laden cave effect.  There’s more space for the ringing shrapnel here.

Layer 3: This track makes up for the looser space and tempo of the former. Rapid digestions of the established pallet purl in tumult.  There are intermittent wavers which generously ease the sketchy whorls.

Layer 4: Commencing with a deep echoic synth solo, this layer is a formative drop.  The slower and more diminished sonic sibilations almost constitute an aura of sorrow.

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