Podcast Double-Take: Old School New Wave Vols. I + II

PODCAST W/US! Sometimes you have to look back to understand how you may have landed in the now. This week I dug back into the annals of sounds that I was weaned on. Consisting like a flashback time-capsule of instrumentals and ditties released between 1972-1984, these selections are a breadth of work representing Old School New Wave. Either a refresher or something pinging your ears for the first time ever – these are just some of the works that truly influenced my taste, ultimately.

Running for over an hour, and over two volumes keep your ears peeled for some of the following: Pylon, The November Group, Human Sexual Response, Alex Fergusson, Goat, Doris Norton, Savage Progress – among otherwise more known entities from the era – doing my best to cull tracks that may have fallen by the wayside. There’s much more to say within this field which will be worthy of another volume in the future – maybe in early 2020! Have a listen and please do share this bounty on your own social media! Ahhhhh. Now grab a martini, a cocoa, a beer or flat white and ease in…

If you enjoy this earful, let us know + tell two friends.

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