Inåt by Erik Levander

Erik Levander | Inåt
Forwind (CD/DL)

Swede Erik Levender presents Inåt (translation: Inwards).  Listeners have about thirty seconds to self-reflect before being pummeled with a devastating drop.  The synth-tones like wire; meshed together to form uneasy quakes.  High-pitched frequencies counter-weight luridly grim moments of de facto doom.  The cover art (Katharina Ira Allenberg) suggests a stoney self-examination; the grandiose sound sculptures in this October 31st release serve evocative excogitations.

Martial industrial scores flood the listener.  Big wave crescendos however are paired with lengthy introverted sweeps.  For instance, in the second track Prövning (Trial), an unbending electronic pulse creates a spine which thews of (again) crushing grainy notes and pensive fills that envelop.  The combination of electronic and woodwind supplications render a listener prone.  In the third track Years of Doubt, spacious instrumentality creates a time/space pathway towards reverie.  

Two extended tracks continue the un-nettling draws of Inåt.  Evincing contemplations, Tomhetens räckvidd (Gamut of the Void) & the finale Celestography are auditory star-dustings.  Eroded in their return, the thunderous remarks resurface less pronounced.  Measures of astral awareness eviscerate the grounded bedlam which open the album. Levander (care of Forwind) has forged an adroit void into which audiences may expunge themselves.   

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