Åyusp by Åyusp

Åyusp | Åyusp
self-released (CD)

The Sheffield (UK) duo isn’t shy about their shared kosmische influence. They (Graham McElearney and Paul Mills) have put together a cosmic joy-ride of uniquely blended stylings with the self-titled album, Åyusp [“Oy-usp”].  An overall concept isn’t readily exoteric.  However, the October 7th release is made-up of five heady tracks which cumulatively form an esoteric cycloid. 

From a rapturous beginning to a three-part conclusion, the musical themes provide a spectrum of tempo and experimental electro sensibility.  If the listener is swept up at first, there is a map and calculated path towards the encounter with mourning widows in track four.  These are ‘Synth Widows’ though, a clever referential maneuver as concerns the short album’s retro-laden instrumentation.  It is in this track that synthesized voice arpeggios are introduced.  With the move, a human (of sorts) presence emerges.

The twelve minute conclusion, Era of Ascendancy I / Trans-Edale Express / Era of Ascendancy II, opens with a continuation of humanoid vocalizations. Around three and a half minutes a respectable rhythmic groove establishes itself.  Plucky verve as if Tron were to pay homage to steampunk freight froths in stereo panning.  The chorus triumphantly reemerges.  The album is something of a pointillist cross between Junge Wilde and renaissance music.  There are some obtuse turns but overall the album shimmers in a nostalgic twilight.  

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