Neither Here Nor There by Tim Walters

Tim Walters | Neither Here Nor There
Vauxflores Industrial (CD)

Composed “on the bus” the latest from artist/composer Tim Walters, Neither Here Nor There, mastered here by the incredibly talented Thomas Dimuzio. Though this may be conceptually between places, it feels as though it has arrived, even from the very beginning of The Philadelphia Chromosome. Sure, it may be muted like a drunken watercolor, but the mood couldn’t be more infused with potential.

Interpretations will likely vary greatly, but the low end drone here is enticing as all get out. Walters’ pacing has a leisurely, deliberate way in which it unfolds, and a simmering lustre. Everything is tweaked into metallic shapes that continue to morph, it’s got its cosmic flair, a tight-lipped enigmatic soundscape.

As Blue-Gray and Gray-Blue carries on the energy is a bit more spindly as it circulates, though no nuance is spared as its trailing harmonic lows may induce a meditative stupor. Though passages are quite sparse, what’s there is mesmerizing, and this one will be on repeat for weeks if not months to come.

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