Island Alchemy by Sofie Birch

Sofie Birch | Island Alchemy
Constellation Tatsu (CS/DL)

Copenhagen’s Sofie Birch is just releasing Island Alchemy – a work of contemplation, and readiness. A euphonic spin incorporating striations of ambient washes, and unique timbral modulation for the deepest of listeners. Myg gently unfolds and overlaps upon itself, as if simmering after combustible steam has been released, and this takes its own pace to settle down. A utopian atmosphere.

Her readiness is one questioning, rather than communing with a world that rarely looks up from its mobile devices, a society locked into the world of apps rather than human experience. Instead her delicately mutable positioning soothes, and gently nudges those who stop, look and listen (ie. Loph). It’s a mesmerizing world where Birch takes you under her wing to allow the listener to take stock in the everyday, to make common sense of their senses once again.

Colorful, and mostly bright, the tones and chords and pulses all come together in a unified sense of musicality, all modified by machine. But this is never cold and calculated, rather it’s got this sweet looseness about it that feels like pins and needles and warm hugs. Ahhhh.

Mu Evans has a twinkle in its light pulsations, one that sounds like a snail inching its way to a safe space. Along the way tiny cosmic agitations flare up and float away. And in the end, with Slow Piru, with sinuous effects it feels like a dream, returning to the womb in deep deep REM, and/or being warmed by the orb-like glow of the suggested alchemical desert island in its title. You are floating along the edge of the sea, just floating, surrounded by nothing but ocean breezes and the faintest whispers of distant wildlife.

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