Aging by OCA

OCA | Aging
Métron Records (CS/DL)

Aging is the latest from Berlin-based producer duo OCA (Yo van Lenz and Florian T M Zeisig). This one is for ambient lovers who like their sounds gentle, mystical, bright, and melodic. It goes down real smooth. Oh, it’s nothing like smooth jazz or even new age, but veering into something slightly adjacent, only in a parallel universe. It’s got a temperate quality, and the atmosphere takes these fleeting chords way on up high.

While the first few tracks are engaging by way of their warmth and tranquil passages, the record takes a so-so approach on I Believe In You which is a bit steeped in a Victorian mushiness that evaporates with tweeky vocoderisms. Through the harp strings, the tone bubbles, and breaths, it’s as though they are storytelling. As such these become short vignettes or chapters, and Time With Your Dog is one of those that is at its most effusive, a grande illusion. An uncertain sense of tone float takes over, completely enchanting.

And so it goes, almost like these ten pieces (running around forty-eight minutes) are somewhat fused together – becoming a true longplayer. They designed this record where no particular track stands out from the other, they simply conform to variable senses of weightlessness. A wash of watery pastel colors, glints of light in the wafting harmonic drone. Then another dramatic turn on Stretching in Water, like a midnight jazz anthem floating away into the ether. In the end the duo adds the bonus track, Getting The Approval I Need, caught between slowed down arcade animation and an orchestral interlude, short and sweet.

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