Fall Into the Water by Tomasz Bednarczyk

Tomasz Bednarczyk | Fall Into the Water
Somewhere Nowhere (CS/DL)

Perfect for cassette, the four track Korg Minliogue oriented Fall Into the Water by Tomasz Bednarczyk delivers waves giving a sense of sonic swimming.  The artwork by Olga Loy communicates clearly a self-referential invitation.  This nominally composited water music from Somewhere Nowhere / 2ystudio is lush and layered.  In a way, it presents minimalism in a fine grey complexity.  

You have standard elements of ambient: noise frequencies in wave-form, sustained drone-tones, sparse melodic dynamics…  However, the compositions, particularly Mowgli’s Ghost are intricate to satisfaction. Furthermore, the stellar use of stereophonic Doppler give the physical presence of immersion.  Alas, with immersive sound, you are ‘in it.’  

The eco-oriented titles enchant the relaxing Gaia respect.  As Paradise Waterfall orients a listener in a locality, the preservation of the concept musically bridges a synthetic concrete water-flow subsidized with synth microtones.  If by Let’s Spin On The Globe we have left this paradisiacal falls, we have arrived in a lunar sort of orbit.  I suspect this 8D formatting will effectively absorb listeners in its circumgyrations.


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