Custodi by Carlo Giustini

Carlo Giustini | Custodi
Lontano/Rohs Records (CS/LP/DL)

Trust me, I’m doing you a solid by telling you about this tape. The transgressively sublime signature of Carlo Giustini on Custodi is one for the ages. And while I often write about records I like, this one is that much more special. The warm drone is aided and abetted by orchestral rhythms, scratchy, tranquil, and just a slight perturbed. A haunted gem.

It’s almost impossible how to ‘really’ describe this other than experiential. Sure it’s got all the glints of ancient vinyl hiss, but somehow, right from the opener, Letizia, it captures you in its drowsy spell. The composers deft ear (and hand) presents incredible subtleties, it’s as if someone has dusted off a 1920’s 78rpm and played it back for you. Only thing is you are part of the actual scenario, almost transported in time, or between eras, now and then. Soft-ended drone that permeates your senses. The effortless sound has a covert air, making you feel so at home in this watery world that everything surrounding you melts away.

While the warmth seeps in, there’s no doubt that many will have genuine skepticism, and that is what may provide tension for the listener (or not). It’s about perception, and ambiguity. The title translates to ‘custodians’ – and overseer, protector, curator – in this light, if we dug deeper, perhaps there’s inferences to a greater power, one that is visionary. Without the narrative this is a complete sleeper that will be on repeat on and off all week long, and referred back to in the future.


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