Celebrate Thanksgiving w/Episode Twelve

Bit-Tuner – Irisia (-OUS)
EuglossineNightflowers at the Beach of Oblivion (Orange Milk Records)
Krzysztof Kotlinski – Please Don’t Go! (Élan Vital)
Perimeter O – Lose Direction (Canigou)
Cacero Lazo – Kattus Funus (Submarine Broadcasting Company)
Ringfinger – Lunar Light (Other Voices)
Andreas O. Hirsch – Full Moon Hula Hoop (Makiphon)
Yann Tiersen – Tempelhof (Part 2) (Mute)
Yair Etziony – Teufelsee (False Industries)
Bicolor – Them Crown (Unexplained Sounds Group)
Pulse Emitter – Ripples (Hausu Mountain)
Pepper Mill Rondo – Silent But Deadly Jerry (Hausu Mountain)

This is a grouping that proves that the bump in the night theory begins to explore new modalities in sound as we know it. Included here are ambient washes, slightly abstracted disturbances, bright melodies and compositions that will offer greater contemplation for your dining table this harvest! Follow + Share our Podcast.

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