Domestic Tapes Vol.II by leastupperbound

leastupperbound | domestic tapes Vol.II
Secret Press (CD/CS/DL)

domestic tapes Vol.II by leastupperbound is now released ten years aged and remastered with an extra bonus track!  Saleverio Rosi teams up with Czechian imprint Secret Press to bring forth the cool ambient stuff once delivered by Laverna and Discreetrecords.  These tapes, arranged numerically simply one through seven (plus the ‘lost tape’) each render subtle variations on sub-tonal rumblings accented with minimal stringed suggestions.  Oft rarely straying from a micro-tonal base and a straight ahead patient melodic presence, the cover art casts an inescapable spell across the album – a wintry scenario.

Rosi does an incredible job of generating the deep sonic phenomena of winter’s cold expanse with under layering drone effects.  Tape #II for instance contains hissings which serve the effect of icy winds.  The material quiet can be experienced just as though one stepping forth from a warm household into the elements.  One can listen and observe that sense of chilled breath-taking reverence in these serene compositions.

Tapes #III & V introduce some passive guitar meanderings. Infants Perdus and Attlilio Novellino contribute as featured artists on Tapes IV & VII respectively.  The descendent four-note phrase repeated throughout Tape VI (1977, the piano) reduces the notion that there must be drama outside of a brief moment.  That moment (or melodic sensation), when repeated over a few moments takes on the course of study.  The tonalities in these tapes avoid being dominant.  The mixing of scene and action creates vivid if vague time/places.  The listener may at times experience the auditory version of the phenomena of a shifting focal-point; like when you watch a camera try repeatedly but unable to lock onto a reference point in auto-focus.  The Dedekind completeness of mathematical reference set by the leastupperbound moniker is reproduced in this mesmerizing ambient re-release.  

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