Toneshift Podcast Episode Fourteen

Above please enjoy our latest podcast, and expect another next week, though we will take the following off, and want to wish you all very warm holiday wishes this month! Here is our tracklist for this episode:

nula.ccnight poem
Aidan Baker/Gareth DavisNames
Nicole Oberle – Nobody Knows
Stéphane Garin/Jean-Philippe – Gross Break 1 (Sine waves are always nice)
Jon Hassell/Farafina – Kaboo [Play]
dumama + kechou – umzi
Martina Bertoni – Nothing has ever Happened
Alan Morse DaviesCounting Goats
drøne – Sunder
RNL – Interregnum

We began our brand-new Guestmix series this week with Simon Grab (make sure to let us know if you enjoy this new series as well) – we are in the process of scheduling several other like Guestmixes for the series int he coming months including sessions with: Andrew Lagowski, Alexandra Spence, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Jamie Drouin + several others! Please remember to follow our podcast so you are never left out in the cold, especially during the holiday season. 🙂

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