A Duo of Italo Acoustic Electro

Laurisilva by Laura Agnusdei and Mare di Dirac’s Ophite Diagram were both recently released.  This pair of Italo acoustic-electronic releases offer strategic sound art which incorporates wind instruments, mixed with electronic processing.  Agnusdei collaborates with several contributing artists who play traditional instruments.  Mare di Dirac employs the use of handmade instruments.  While the theme of Agnusdei’s release is a sub-tropical forest, Mare di Dirac focuses on applied Quantum Physics to cultural ritualism. 

Laura Agnusdei | Laurisilva
The Tapeworm (LP/DL)

From Julie’s Haircut saxophonist Laura Agnusdei comes Laurisilva – a pun-ish title for a floral bouquet of windy avant acoustic-electronic jazz. Presented with cover art from her drawings series entitled, ‘Organic Life Patterns,’ the album was recorded in both Den Haag, Netherlands and her Bologna bedroom.  With collective assistance from numerous contributors, the holistic theme forms around the scientific nature of laurophyll, a broadleaf species of tree which inhabits the high-humidity Laurisilva forest.  

Each of the six aptly titled expressions conducts visceral biological celebration.  For one, breath itself (Lungs Dance) and that breath unto the forest at large (Laurisilva and Jungle Shuffle).  The personal sense of blues stylized in the epiphyte manner of the first track culminates transformed with an extension of the beyond in the final track Golden Kites.  While there is the overt presence of winded orchestration, the electronic components are handled with elegant organic textures.  Rhythmic fragments lace the wealdish arrangements.  There are these grooves where the cathartic movement is contagious – danceable.  Overall though, a mystic wonderment of respite amidst flourishing plant-life permeates.  Full of action, this sensory-laden boscage.  

Mare di Dirac | Ophite Diagram
GH Records (CS/DL)

Not only are the specific instrument resonances the focus of this album but space itself also becomes a part of each composition.  Lorenzo Abattoir and Poseitrone (Mare di Dirac) make airy, suspense-driven intercessions which themselves generate dis-ease as well as contemplation.  The express concept of the album is the application of Quantum principles to various cultural ritualistic practices.  The title suggests a serpentine-oriented gnostic presentation.  Ophite diagrams attempt to illustrate complex theological and personal theory.  The circular partitioning of spirit realm, planetary leviathan, and earthen behemoth are meticulously outlined in the eight tracks presented by GH Records in limited edition cassettes.  

Once through the murky introductory passages, Preludio through Prostration (which pounces at the listener, then resolves over seven and a half minutes), and into the irregular cadences of Serpent’s Hologram.  This is the audio interpretation of a brush with divinity (even if Luciferian) and the encounter with the offer of knowledge.  Absolutely brilliant polyrhythms and atmospheric percussion!  Spiritual Mechanism, Cista Mystica, & Evocation Ov Something each conjure various hues of drone overlapping with something like shamanic rattlings and metallic clanks.  I remember long ago researching and listening to shamanic noise field recordings from southeast Asia.  The tribal practicum was to induce trance (divine presence) through repetitive chant and cymbal bashing. The patient pacing to these and the conclusory Ten Separate Circle and titular Ophite Diagram has a more dilute effect.  As if stumbling into a cultish ceremony while spelunking cavernous expanses, these miry compositions ruminate in contemplative asceticism.

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