Toneshift Ch-ch-changes

The Season Of Giving: This holiday season, as we move into our tenth anniversary year of programming we are evolving. Evolving into what you ask? Well, with our podcast taken off we have found a groove which we intend on planning to continue gliding in. Feeling blue this holiday? Spin our XmasMix. Starting in January we will continue to keep all past reviews and interviews in these archives, however, for now, we do not intend to extend either within our format. We do plan to extend the breadth of the podcast, making it our primary format, to include a series of seriously exciting Guestmixes and diverse Label Spotlights to name a few – as well as our Weekly Wednesday edition. Before the end of the year also watch for our Fave Five of 2019 – the best of the year! After Spring we may expand even further, so to keep in touch and not miss a minute – remember to Follow + Share us on your socials!

Happy Holidays to All!

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