A Podcast Double Feature


Though we are only twenty something days into the new decade, so much new music has surfaced already. And instead of pacing ourselves, it makes much more sense to share the wealth of these incredible international discoveries with you. We like to stay on our toes, and here to prove our love of experimental sounds, a first-ever double-feature of our weekly podcast. Some of these are only teasers of incredible releases yet to come! There are several names you may be hearing for the very first time, but likely not the last. There are also some incredible artists who have strongly stood the test of time, like Muhal Richard Abrams, Jan St. Werner and Sandoz with a near simultaneous look back and forward. Between the two podcasts there are eighteen tracks to enable contemplation, and maybe even move you physically. Open your ears to this set of sound waves….

Cressida + MakatonPirates
Muhal Richard Abrams – Think All, Focus One
Jordan ReyesGuileless
Mark VernonRisør Harbour
Jan St. WernerBack to Animals
Nicole OberleTired of This
Simone GattoSarvesham Svastir Bhavatu Mantra (ft Merialma Colucci)
Angel ArcherThe Eye in Our Eye Says Yes
Trilok GurtuIndranella
ProphetasRemember & Forget (excerpt)

Davey HarmsSurvival
SelvedgeShimmering Action
Phase FataleProxy Contact
SandozSteel Tabernacle (excerpt)
JoyfultalkPart II/Pixelated Skin (excerpt – March release)
Big BloodPox
Jacoti SommesPhase i, Phase ii, Phase iii
Pulse EmitterFairy Tree

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