Guestmix by Rafael Anton Irisarri

This week our Guestmix comes from a talented gentleman from stateside here in the US. Not only has he produced a sophisticated discography of his own compositions and nuanced work, Rafael Anton Irisarri has also worked with countless fellow artists in the process of mastering some of the most outstanding releases this side of Y2K.

This mix is a juxtaposition of tracks representing different styles of experimental, electronic and ambient music. Some are by dear friends, others by artists deeply influential to my own work, whilst others are tracks I’ve mastered or produced at Black Knoll Studio (NY) over the last year. I’ve had an eclectic taste for the longest time, and while many of these artists may seem disparate on a tracklist, it all makes sense to me and flows nicely. There is great beauty to be found in a placid solo piano recording, as there is as much beauty to be found in a noise recording.

Whether it’s the meditative tranquility of Akira Rabelais & Harold Budd, the reel-to-reel tape adventures by Marcus Fischer, the modular wizardry by Steve Hauschildt, the pop leanings of Telefon Tel Aviv & Natalie Beridze, or the sonic intensity of the late great Mika Vainio; it all plays like chiaroscuros – a reflection of life in the year 2020. There is light & darkness simultaneously happening around us in these turbulent times of uncertainty. It is how we choose to focus our attention that sets our perception of reality.”

Rafael Anton Irisarri


BiosphereWarmed By The Drift
Leandro Fresco (feat Gustavo Cerati) – Sol De La Medianoche
Marcus FischerThe one with the lights that looked like a Turrell
Akira RabelaisThe Little Glass III
ØSyvyydessa Kimallus
Harold BuddHow Vacantly You Stare At Me
Steve HauschildtThe Spring in Chartreuse
Telefon Tel Avivmouth agape
Natalie BeridzeBefore Sail
Mika VainioSub-atlantic
Lawrence EnglishAnother Body
BelongRed velvet or nothing

NEXT WEEK: Gaël Segalen

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