Toneshift is Hot + Cold

YOU ARE GETTING WARMER! Mother Nature has long been witness to how its inhabitants have treated her surroundings. With all that is going on in the elemental environment, we thought it was about time to take action. In the spirit of those who care, and to officially kick-off our 10th Anniversary online this upcoming month (2010-2020), beginning in February our singular weekly podcast will split in two:

chilly/glacial moods, ambient scapes, softer sounds

warm tones, broken beats, unexpected noises

Mind you, there will always be crossover, but temperature can be moody, and changing, as we all know so well. That said, when it comes to your new sound source, keep it dialed in right here (and here, of course). Starting in late February our site will revert back to – keep tuned in for much more.

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