Toneshift 22 Is Way Out There

We move into uniquely wavy dimensions as our weekly show splits in two (starting next week). Here you may recognize some of the names, and others you may think you know, but at double-take you may want to think again, and again. These artists come from the world over, and each brings something a little (a lot) different. Several of these tracks were just (or yet to be) released, so you always get the most up-to-date sounds from all around, right here. Some tracks may seem a bit futuristic, others are a bit hard to nail down (just the way we like it). Also featured here are three collaborations that just may upset the apple cart.


Angst 78Earth Reprise (Zoharum)

Philippe PetitLanding – Immersion (Opa Loka Records)

Mads Emil NielsenFramework 2 – Circles (Arbitrary)

T.U.For A Ritual (False Industries)

Electric Sewer AgeSurrender to the Crags (Hallow Ground)

The AhWatermelon Tears (NNA Tapes)

defRest In Pieces (Ant-Zen)

Alex DowlingChanneling II (Carrier Records)

Zlatko Kaučič & Tomaž GromTwo Right Hands / Dve desni roki (Sploh)

NYZFM60P::fbk1#03 (Important Records)

Gareth Davis & MerzbowYabata Frog (Moving Furniture Records)

Espen LundHex (Flag Day Recordings)

BJ Nilsen/Frans de Waard/Sigtryggur Berg SigmarssenThree Options (excerpt, Some)

FulmedeshPájaros cantan pulsos espirales (Pan y Rosas Discos)

Starting in February we will have podcasts on Mondays (icy + muted), Thursdays (warm + cryptic), Saturdays (Guestmix series). Speaking of which, this Saturday tune-in for a program pieced together by French sound artist Gaël Segalen. Follow + share.

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