Guestmix by Gaël Segalen

We used to be able to fly back before geography and ego” – Youth Speaks, female teen poetry slammer (Bay Area, 2004)

This week our Guestmix comes from French sound artist Gaël Segalen whose latest work was reviewed back in November. She’s been on the front lines and out on the fringe for two decades creating works that twist the expectations of the listening experience. Segalen is also the co-founder of Polyphones, a Parisian network dedicated to women in musical experimentation. This will challenge your ears, let it spin…

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Presenting a blend of both artists close to me and timeless inspirations, I like to offer an eclectic selection as my main theme here. Some tracks are unreleased, I have included two recent jam sessions of mine, and one of my duo Les Graciés. Of course it introduces moments of polymusic. And I couldn’t resist sharing my “péché mignon”. I hope you too enjoy this ode to life, as much as I did making it.”

Gaël Segalen


Joachim Montessuis & Julien OttaviAdam Kadmon (2018)
The Neighbourhood CharacterEscape From/Where’s Locky? (2019)
Ruth WhiteLover’s Wine (1969)
Phil KlineChant, for voice and 10 tape loops (1995)
Esther FerrerEspectáculo/ Olucatcepse (1971)
Gaël SegalenRehearsal/jam for Les Nautes, Paris gig, Musica Dispersa Tour (2019 unreleased)
Uku Kuut & Maryn E CooteSecret Sauce (Acid Edit) (2003)
Gaël SegalenRehearsal/jam for les Instants Chavirés, Paris gig (2019 unreleased)
Pierre HenryMultiplicité, Part 1 (2005)
Miguel A. RuizClimatery (1987)
Les Graciésub um mAniA (2017 unreleased)
Pierre HenryMultiplicité, Part 2 (2005)

NEXT WEEK: Machinefabriek

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