Bleaeck 2: It’s Droneruary

DEUX: Here we go again.

Contributor Saul Bleaeck (aka Hïdrō) is back with his new monthly series, the eponymous BLEAECK. The second show, titled Droneruary II focuses on various drones and other emissions. He’s featuring several outsider artists who will surprise your senses. Follow our podcast to keep up-to-date on a variety of new programming.


Desolate HorizonsMore Than Anything
Seasons (pre-din)03:48
Erik LevanderOförankrad 
How To Disappear CompletelySeraph I
Rắn Cạp ĐuôiDegradation
{Hïdrō} – Empty Hotdag Convenience Roller

Continuing ‘Droneruary, an express exploration rhythmic (and arrhythmic) spectrum in a ‘drone’/dronish composite mix. All tracks are the first from each artists’ album featured; Degradation exceptionally – the title track (3) from Rắn Cạp Đuôi.” – Saul Bleaeck

Hey lil’ sister, remember when we thought Billy Idol was the only one?

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