Guestmix by Machinefabriek

Hailing from The Netherlands, the prolific artist/musician Rutger Zuydervelt, aside from his sound bending, is also a graphic designer. Since about 2006 he’s worked under the nom de plume of Machinefabriek. In case you missed it, we had the pleasure to interview him during our extensive series last year here.

Not exactly my first guest mix focused on vocals. I did one for First Terrace Records and one for Fractured Air. These were done when my album ‘With Voices‘ came out, and The Beacon Sound Choir‘s ‘Sunday Songs’ (including my long rework). Suffice to say that love for vocals is coming through in my work. Once again my love for vocal music was stirred up when I recently saw a live performance, including a series of short pieces by Dutch/Australian composer Kate Moore. Coming from her song cycle ‘The Open Road’, these pieces are incredibly beautiful in all their delicate simplicity (which in this case is meant as high praise). The concert ended with ‘To That Which Is Endless’, the most enchanting part of the song cycle. It’s also where this mix ends.

From there on, I worked backwards through this mix, adding tracks that inspire me hugely. Some are experimental or ambient-like, as you might expect from me, but NV‘s ‘Inn’ and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith ‘To Follow & Lead’ are actually poppy and almost euphoric. But oh so addictive.The aforementioned earlier vocal-centered mixes I did, were big fat layer cakes, with tracks stacked on top of each other to almost form a new piece of music. But the case of this new mix for Toneshift, I felt the needed to keep the tracks unaffected, to have their qualities standout in full.” – Rutger Zuydervelt (Winter 2020)

Check out his extensive works via Bandcamp, and without adieu here’s his Guestmix in our year-long series!


Cassandra MillerTracery : Lazy, Rocking
Performed by Juliet Fraser
Taken from the album Songs About Singing (All That Dust, 2019)

Kode9Third Ear Transmission (feat. Spaceape)
Taken from the album Nothing (Hyperdub, 2015)

Félicia AtkinsonHier Le Désert
Taken from the album Hand In Hand (Shelter Press, 2017)

Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithTo Follow & Lead
Taken from the album The Kid (Western Vinyl, 2017)

Taken from the album Binasu (Orange Milk, 2016)

Laurel HaloJelly
Taken from the album Dust (Hyperdub, 2017)

Taken from the album Sleep Heavy (Blackest Ever Black, 2017)

Thom YorkeDawn Chorus
Taken from the album Anima (XL Recordings, 2019)

Kate MooreTo That Which Is Endless
Performed by Michaela Riener, Eva Tebbe and Kate Moore
Taken from the album The Open Road (self released, 2010)

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