The Chiller inside Toneshift 25

Here we open a new week, and hopefully your ears, by continuing to keep cool and somewhat collected. But what you don’t hear you may only imagine. Let’s keep it that simple.


Nurse With Wound/The James Worse Public Address MethodSuspific Hellibesque Of The Poagenbloke
Matt Shoemakermercurial horizon one
Imbued VagarySecluded Confusion
Thomas WalshSulphur in the Alcove
Ross GoldsteinSpooky Action at a Distance
Multicast DynamicsAncient Circuits Part 3 (excerpt)
Robin SavilleBojagi
Tunnels of ĀhRed Distribution
Austin RockmanSonde Aim
Jens PaulyTynne
Philip Sulidae917 Noble Street, 1894 (excerpt)
Sontag ShogunFloréal
CelerThe ex hypthesi dreams of populous clouds
Luis MiehlichKlock

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