Toneshift 26: Taking Temperatures

This episode includes more names that are not passed readily around in the kitchen table, but unlike condiments, they are acquired tastes. And with resounding bite, you too may want to sink your teeth (er, ears) deeply into the mix. We are excited to feature several labels like Unheard Records, Teranga Beat, Oigovisiones, Pomperipossa Records, Arjunamusic and Musicity Global for the very first time.

This Week – Featuring:

Samuel RohrerThe Descenders
Evritiki ZygiaMaritsa
Madam DataAll the Rooms I Have Been Touched in (Geneva Skeen Metamix)
Christine Abdelnour/Magda MayasThousand and One (excerpt)
Mandhira de SaramAnchor (Barbican Sculpture Court)
Xu(e) feat. ShanyioStolen Generation
Laurent PerrierPlateforme 3.2

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