Label Spotlight: Carpe Sonum (Vol. 2)

LABEL SPOTLIGHT: Since it’s Valentine’s Day, you may consider this a love letter to some of the best sounds around. Back in the day, once I discovered the world and work of Pete Namlook and his Fax +49-69/450464 label I was gently hooked. The early 90’s were an odd time in music, in general and the only other imprints floating in space at the time, lifting the genre of ambient (new jazz and strange composition) to a new level was Instinct. With their new sound these adopters of the chillout sound would open a effervescent can of worms into the now. When I learned of Namlook’s unexpected passing at only 51 years of age I was gutted. But change was afoot. Hats off to Dave and the folks behind the shaping of Carpe Sonum which emerged from behind their distribution work — and it seemed like a right of passage, a baton passing in the astral sense. Plus, they have something new to say with a great mix of previous artists making new work and new artists breaking ground, inspired by the traditions, the sound.

In case you missed Volume 1 we felt it only made sense to expand upon a good thing with part two. And in this portion of the Carpe Sonum Label Spotlight we start and end with the future of the imprint, and a sneak peek of what’s to come soon. Two tracks included that you will not hear anywhere else! Enjoy + tell two friends……

Carpe Sonum on Bandcamp


FaruIndian Ocean
(2020, tba)

Lorenzo MontanàBà Rá
Iso Le (2019)

Geek Mythology (2016)

RapoonA Weight of Worlds
Downgliding (2015)

Sinine Platoo (2015, Re-Issue, originally released in 2002)

Mick ChillageAltesch
Saudade (2015)

Arctic SurfersMr Deckard
Cirrus Facts (2019)

Cosmic Resonances (2019)

RCOTwo-In-One 1
Radical Chill Out (2019)

MotionfieldLuftrum 3
Luftrum (2015)

Thomas P. Heckmann In The Beginning
The Lost Tales Vol. 4 (2014)

MulticastCalisto (Solar Sailor)
(2020, tba)

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