Celebrate 10 Years. Support Toneshift.

02.22.20: In moving forward we pause to celebrate our first ten years as a media source for the best, brightest + most complex, challenging sound artists on the planet. The main focus in our first decade was primarily as a source for record reviews, and in-depth interviews. Over time tastes have meandered, social media has intervened, and we realized that the main ‘message is in the music’. Our curated podcast series (and this site) are the result of your ongoing listenership. For the first time we are reaching out to you in hopes that you may consider offering your support for our programming.

Support Here

Without sounding too much like public broadcasting…..We support artists who may slip through the cracks of the ether. Think of your small donation as if you are purchasing a few releases from Bandcamp. A one-time offer of your support could help us continue to run this site for another few years! Call it a PSA, though we have every intention of keeping our approach commercial free + dynamic. So, any/everything helps! Your support will also particularly help in the coming 21 days to allow us to maintain our domain, Toneshift.net – otherwise the site expires, and will revert to its former WordPress url (which is kinda icky, but still does the job). Know that I truly take our motto – The Future of Music Today, One Record At A Time – seriously – continuing to believe in the highest quality listening experience!

You can continue to expect the unexpected as we celebrate our official 10th Anniversary tomorrow. To acknowledge the occasion we offer a Guestmix from Andrew Lagowski (on his own birthday, no less)! Stay tuned, and remember to like, follow, share, re-post, and enjoy the broken silence/s.

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