Toneshift At Ten

Today marks the official 10th anniversary of our tiny corner of the world wide web. Ten years after Y2K we came into being to serve only your sensitive ears. When I founded this site the concept was simply to capture an archive of a previous decade of freelance reviews I had written via Resident Advisor, Dusted, Grooves Magazine, Brainwashed, Igloo Magazine, Paris Transatlantic, Signal to Noise Magazine, Vital Weekly, E|I Magazine, Willamette Week and many others. With some of these sources long gone, and some continuing their good work the tides has turned (multiple times over). Music journalism via print was (and remains) in flux, so it just made sense to have a digital capture, at least for posterity sake. Toneshift was born in 2010 after more than a decade of gestation. And in the ensuing decade, things have most certainly continued to change, and evolve. I like to think for the better – in sonic terms.

If you are new to the site please explore our menu of savory options, and for those who have been reading and listening over these many moons, you already know it only gets sweeter over time. We welcome you to listen to our ongoing Guestmix + Label Spotlight series and you can definitely expect some surprises. For the first time in our history we are reaching out for your support here, this will help us maintain the site as is. Our mission is simple, to focus on the listening experience of sounds that defy convention. If you haven’t already please follow, and share us online. Happy Ten Years!

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