This Is Origins 8

Our continuing series of tracks from the past returns. In this particular set of selections you might note some of the more significant contributors to the experimental field over the last several decades. Many of these tracks may not be instantly familiar, but together they become a bit of a newfound topography with patterns that may mislead you into oblivion.


Das Synthetische Mischgewebe w/RLWBinnenfragment, 2012
BrumeMachine Head, 2013
The Legendary Pink DotsCatwalk, 2013
Anders IlarUntitled Mi, 2006
Marc BehrensKupari Odradek Drug Party (Megamix 2018)
OmitFoothold Lost; The Exhalation Of The Null Outline; Inline; Pre Zero, 1997
Conrad SchnitzlerGelb 5, 2002
Crawl UnitUntitled (7Hz), 1996
AubeSuppression Disorder Part 2, 1999
Bourbonese QualkSpanner In The Works, 1983
CoilOmlagus Garfungiloops, 1992
Illusion Of SafetyRolling, 1992

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