Toneshift 29

Episode Twenty-Nine is jam-packed to the brim with hallucinatory sonic bits and peculiar noise. While you may be unfamiliar with some of these artists we wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to new releases that are merging from their own path on to the airwaves, even if it were originally recorded 65 years ago! The fresh class of 2020!


ChemiefaserwerkElectromagnetisch B (excerpt)
Avishai CohenFractals
Graham DunningSomething About Still Trying
Mira DrevoThe Sun Shines on Everyone…
RuischThe Sea Is Where It All Ends
Gottfried Michael KoenigKlangfiguren II (1955-1956, Excerpt)
Mount MaxwellNomad
José Orozco MoraContemplaciones
Roger Tellier-CraigDuelle (Excerpt)
Camilla PisaniThe Playground Of Resonant Hypotheses
2kilos &Moretrilogie I
Gareth JS ThomasAn Evening Wasted
Passepartout DuoHeartwood (Section 2)

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