Guestmix by Jen Kutler

Sound artist Jen Kutler is one-of-a-kind. Her vision is wildly unorthodox and altogether experimental: “I use sounds and objects that are considered sexual or feminine and build interactive electronic media systems for performance to modify, re-contextualize and transform these materials. I look to explore the degrees of separation between the feminine and neutral, hyper-sexualization and de-sexualization, and the intuitive vs. physical.” We had the true pleasure of covering her latest record, Disembodied (Eyevee, 2019). Her Guestmix is entirely eclectic and luxe, easy and distant.

Alva Noto & Ryuichi SakamotoAurora (2005)
OvalLine Extension (1997)
Vegetable OrchestraTransplants (2010)
Nate ScheibleMade To Feel Special (2017)
Venetian SnaresHiszekeny (2005)
Diamanda GalasWild Women With Steak Knives (1982)
Lucky DragonsGivers (2008)
Eric WhitacreSleep (2010)

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