A Toneshift Trio

IN THE NUMBERS: It’s 03/03, double digits as it were. So why not celebrate, for no reason. For the first time we are leading with not one, but three simultaneous podcasts, over three hours of new music from multiple continents! The moods may sway, but if you keep your ears open you will be transported to new sonic spaces. Thirty-six tracks of varying theme and temperature by artists you may be well familiar with, and a hearty batch of folks you are most definitely being introduced to for the very first time – some self-released on Bandcamp, and others on tape, disc or platter.

Please help us retain our site domain by pledging your support in our final ten days, we are less than a few hundred dollars to our goal!

Sary MoussaWeight
João Castro Pintooù-τόπος (excerpt)
SignalstoerungThis Will Improve Your Reputation As A Music Collector/B1
Jonas MunkDisappear
Rutger ZuyderveltPanick Attack (outtake)
Hanging ValleysBehind The Backs Of Houses
Simon ScottExit
Fabian Van Den EijndenThe Good Tsom
Nick StorringWhat A Made Up Mind Can Do
Wonderful BeastsI Fell Into a Dream
Daniel McCaghEpoch II
Vladislav DelayRaamat (2020 Remaster – out 3/20)

Werner DafeldeckerParallel Dark II (excerpt)
Temp-IllusionConstruction of Insomnia
DJ Marcelle/Another Nice MessMy Own Cesspit!
Savvas MetaxasStormy And Colourful
Strotter Inst./Peter Vukmirovic StevensLa main à plume vaut la main à charrue
Serge BulatDoesn’t Exist
Kamran SadeghiLoss Less (rework, excerpt)
Secret FilmsWatch with Mother

Occupied HeadFuture Entrance
Stephen Vitiello & Molly BergI Drew a Fish Hook
Fabio R LattucaIf the Lights Go Off
Rutger Zuydervelt & Bill SeamanBits
Common Eider, King Eider & Corber OrdCalling To The Feral Ones
Adrianna Krikl (feat. Boy Indigo) – Of Two Minds
SelvedgeTree and Shadow
Kyle BrowningRecurso
Aria Rostami & Daniel BlomquistThe Floating Table
Matthew RollinsMatte Black
His Name Is AliveTo Remember
Samo Kutin and Martin KüchenFishing In Siphon

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