Toneshift 2020 Guestmix Series

BREAKING BOUNDARIES: Earlier this year we mentioned some of the artists invited to participate in the curated 2020 Guestmix Series — now Toneshift is extremely proud to announce the full roster for our podcast running every Saturday through the end of the year. With all the complexities of our fragile modern international world, sound still remains one of those sensory experiences that unifies us all, no matter race, gender, creed, orientation, national origin, physical abilities or any other denominator. Please stay tuned, binge-listen the intriguing mixes already on air + support us if you can. Thank you + never stop listening….


1/4: Blk Tag (JS Adams/Chris Videll), USA
1/11: Massimo Toniutti, Italy
1/18: Jamie Drouin, Canada
1/25: Rafael Anton Irisarri, USA
2/1: Gaël Segalen, France
2/8: Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt), The Netherlands
2/15: Scanner (Robin Rimbaud), UK
2/22: Andrew Lagowski, UK
2/29: Jen Kutler, USA


3/7: Colin Sheffield, USA
3/14: Alexandra Spence, Australia
3/21: Jim Haynes, USA
3/28: Distant Animals (Daniel Hignall), UK
4/4: Sofie Birch, Denmark
4/11: Ryoko Akama (UK) + Anne-F Jacques (Canada)
4/18: Samuel Goff, USA
4/25: Darren McClure, Japan
5/2: Janek Schaefer, UK
5/9: Porya Hatami, Iran
5/16: MYMK (Bruno Sres), Brazil
5/23: Christian Rønn, Denmark
5/30: Yair Etziony, Israel
6/6: Lena Andersson (Kyoka/Ian McDonnell), Japan/Ireland
6/13: Kim Cascone, USA
6/20: Alessandra Eramo, Italy/Germany
6/27: Stephen Vitiello, USA
7/4: Thomas Dimuzio, USA
7/11: Gintas K, Lithuania
7/18: Vitor Joaquim, Portugal
7/25: Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst), Italy
8/1: Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Iceland
8/8: Kate Carr, UK
8/15: Fabio Perletta, Italy
8/22: Nathan Moody, USA
8/29: Robert Babicz, Poland
9/5: Jana Winderen, Norway
9/12: Melanie Velarde, Germany
9/19: Derek Piotr, USA
9/26: Random Industries (Sebastian Meissner), Earth
10/3: David Vélez, Columbia
10/10: James Rushford, Australia
10/17: Christophe Charles, France
10/24: Jos Smolders, Netherlands
10/31: Chris Carter, UK
11/7: Pierre Bastien, France
11/14: İpek Görgün, Turkey
11/21: Robert Lippok, Germany
11/28: Paul Schütze, UK
12/5: Samson Young, Hong Kong
12/12: James Webb, South Africa
12/19: Ultra-Red, USA/Intl
12/26: Celer, Japan


Asuna, Japan
Anders Ilar, Sweden
Pamela Z, USA

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