Origins 9: Words of Wisdom (‘Nuff Said)

STIFF UPPER-LIPS: A collection of tracks dated 1977 through 2011 that sort of ‘speak to each other through time with poise and a wry attitude’. Don’t take my word for it, take theirs! Second glances not chances. Don’t fear the volume dial on this one.

Bow Wow WowKing Kong (1981)
Adam & The AntsBathroom Function (Decca Demo) (1977)
The Psychedelic FursWe Love You (1980)
X‐ray SpexOh Bondage Up Yours! (1978)
Diamanda GalasBirds Of Death (1988)
Nina HagenI Love Paul (1983)
BuzzcocksRadio Nine (1979)
Fun Boy ThreeThe Lunatics (1982)
BlancmangeRadio Therapy (Ramshackle Mix) (2011)
YelloBeyond Mirrors (1997)
Yoko OnoStarpeace (1985)
Dean & The WeeniesFuck You (1988)
Human Sexual ResponseWhat Does Sex Mean To Me? (1980)
Dead KennedysMoral Majority (1982)
The Plasmatics12 Noon (1981)
Rex The DogSicko (2015)
DevoTime Out For Fun (1982)
Was (Not Was)Dad, I’m In Jail (1988)

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