Has Changed

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It’s a new year, and after completing a full decade (2010-2020) of reviews, interviews, essays and so much more the site formerly known as is now officially defunct, and will become an archive, parked here at We continue on with our weekly podcast, unphased, to continue pricking up your ears, and to focus on our special series’ (Guestmix + Label Spotlight) for the most discerning ears. For our readers, we thank you for the years of support, but after a recent fundraiser that didn’t meet its goal we had to make the decision to discontinue the site as is. That said, stick around, we strongly encourage you to follow + share our podcast at the newly adopted with wild abandon. And while posting here nearly daily will be a big change at the office, here’s a commitment to more exhilarating, challenging and otherwise unexpected listening experiences ahead.

THE LIBRARY IS OPEN: Though officially inactive as of today we recommend using the Search function on the front page here to locate any past content, and we encourage those finding us after we are gone to continue browsing as there is a plethora of juicy material inside. Again, we support a slower life where sounds – both subtle and strange – can find intersection.

With heartfelt thanks,

But Wait, There’s More…Stay w/Us!


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