boerd – MisplacedAnjunadeep (LP/CD/DL) Sometimes the album cover can tell you exactly what you can expect from the music within. A case in point is the cover for Misplaced, new album by the Swedish producer/composer/musician boerd. You get this quite serene looking place, a swimming pool with very still water, and a green forest seemingly […]

Drowse & Amulets | Split | Whited Sepulchre Records (CS/DL) These two Portland artists share more than just a city they live in. Randall Taylor, probably better known as AMULETS has already been featured on these pages with his quite exquisite sonic excursions of tape loops and ambient guitar. Nothing much changes in that respect […]

Pan American | A SonKranky (CD/LP/DL) Those familiar with some former work of Mark Nelson, often better known for his moniker Pan American or for his work with Labradford might have expected at least a dash of electronics on A Son, his latest effort (ninth in over 20 years). Not that they don’t get it, […]

Ambient as an incredibly elusive genre, and can be a near infinite category, as it can encompass anything from electronics, through drone, to modern classical and even new age. In a way this wide range of musical possibilities is reflected through four October releases reviewed here. Very often, ambient is the realm of solo artists […]

Three releases that can loosely, and very loosely at that, be said to have ‘a folky’ touch. But, if you expect an all-acoustic affair, or something that is veering towards sad-eyed singer/songwriters, you should probably look for something else than the three albums reviewed here. But then, you’d probably be cutting yourself short because you’d […]

Bureau Berlin| High-Time SeizureSounds et al (CD/DL) Modern music these days can practically come from anywhere, and not just the music capitals that New York, Los Angeles, London and say Berlin have become. That is particularly the case with musicians that want to experiment, combine and come up with something new and fresh. It is […]

TRIPLE BILL: Included here are three September 2019 releases, all by female artists. All truly interesting, to say the least. But, then, there are different levels of ‘interesting’ and how the listener may interpret it. Floating Spectrum is actually Taiwan-born, Berlin based, Mei-Fang Liau, and A Point Between (Temporary Residence) is her debut album. Liau’s […]

Frode Haliti | Border WoodsHubro (CD/LP/DL) Norwegian Hubro label has established itself in recent times as a hub(ro) of some exciting experimental music coming mostly from Scandinavia. One of its specifics is particularly stretching the boundaries of folk music, or to be more precise, envisioning folk music in its true glory and incorporating, or giving […]

The Touchables | The Noise Is RestConradsound (LP/CD/DL) The term heavy in music has been picked up and appropriated by some rockers back in the late Sixties and has stuck with guitar-laden music until this day. By its definition, you are to succumb to the brunt of the charging loud sounds as enjoyment. Yet another […]

Emanuele Errante | This WorldWhitelabrecs (CDR/DL) There is always a danger looming with albums that come up with music that is minimalist, slow-shifting, attempting to give an accent to tonal flavours instead of melodies and rhythms, and that danger can fit into one word – tedium. Usually, that occurs (unfortunately, quite often) when the artist […]

Deadbear | World Music Marketself-released (DL) Combining electronics with world music is not exactly a new thing. In most cases the quality of the resulting music depends on two things – the knowledge the involved artist has about the world music and his ability to add elements like beats that actually gel with the chosen […]